Cover your whole clan on the EcoSure Thwala Sonke package that allows you to cover your spouse, children, parents, in-laws and grandparents on your EcoSure Funeral Cover policy.

Who can you cover?

  • Spouse (unlimited number of spouses but proof is required upon death)
  • Children (unlimited)
  • Parents
  • In-laws
  • Grandparents (provided they are below 70 years old upon registration)
  • Adopted children (including traditionally adopted children with a letter from elders)

How to cover your clan on the Thwala Sonke package

  1. Dial *900#, enter EcoCash PIN, select Funeral , Individuals then USD/ZiG
  2. Select Thwala Sonke package
  3. Select Add New Dependant and enter Dependant's date of birth
  4. Input relative of your choice

Dependants will be on the same package as the principal member and the premium is paid per head irrespective of the dependant's age.