Get transport services in times of bereavement

EcoSure VAYA Add On service

Plan ahead with transport for mourners when the unfortunate happens.

Choose a package that suits you.

Packages Benefit Premium
EcoSure Lite USD500 USD0.50
EcoSure Basic USD1,000 USD1.00
EcoSure Standard USD2,000 USD2.00
EcoSure Premium USD5,000 USD5.00
Diaspora - Africa USD5,000 USD5.00
Diaspora - Rest of the world USD10,000 USD10.00

Add on Benefits (USD) Premium (USD)
EcoSure Memorial 1,000 1.00
EcoSure PAC 10,000 1.00
EcoSure Hospital Cashback 100 per day 1.00
EcoSure Rescue Services Ambulance 1.00
EcoSure Vaya Runner 500 1.00
EcoSure Vaya Local 1,000 2.00
EcoSure Vaya Ekhaya 2,500 5.00
EcoSure Tents & Toilets 1 tent, 2 toilets, cash in lieu-1000 2.00
EcoSure Wellness Health Tips 0.50
EcoSure Tombstone Lite 250 0.25
EcoSure Tombstone Basic 500 0.50
EcoSure Tombstone Standard 1,000 1.00
EcoSure Tombstone Premium 2,500 2.50
ZFU Combo Farming Tips 0.50

To Register:

Get affordable funeral cover on your phone and choose a package that suits your lifestyle.

  1. Dial *900# and enter EcoCash PIN
  2. Select EcoSure PLus
  3. Select EcoSure VAYA
  4. Select the VAYA option you want
  5. Confirm