There is an EcoSure Funeral Cover package for everyone!

There are a growing range of affordable EcoSure packages to choose from that will keep you and your loved ones covered, directly from your mobile phone.

Funeral Cover Sum Assured Premium
EcoSure Lite $500 $0.50
EcoSure Basic $1,000 $1.00
EcoSure Standard $2,000 $2.00
EcoSure Premium $5,000 $5.00
EcoSure Thwala Sonke Dependants will be on the same package as the principal member and the premium is paid per head irrespective of the dependant's age.


Changing Your Package

You can upgrade or downgrade your EcoSure package directly from your mobile phone!

How to upgrade or downgrade your package

  1. Dial *900# and enter EcoCash PIN
  2. Select "Manage Policy"
  3. Select "Change Package"
  4. Select new policy you would like to change to
  5. Confirm

You will receive a confirmation message when your package has been successfully changed.

It’s important to note:

  • If the death is by natural causes and the person had recently upgraded their package, their previous cover level will be in force for three months after which the new cover level will take effect.
  • If death is by accident, the new cover level will take effect immediately and any claim will be pay-able as per the new Cover level.
  • An upgrade is only possible after a successful first premium payment of policy.