Terms and Conditions

  1. Death by Natural Causes is one that is primarily attributed to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces such as accident or homicide, but excluding the Exclusions set out in our Terms and Conditions.
  2. Death by Accident is an unforeseeable event that occurs after the Commencement Date and which, in a violent, external and visible manner, independently of any other cause, directly results in the death of the Insured.
  3. Exclusions are instances where the Insurer will not be obliged to pay out a claim where an Insured dies as a result of the following Excluded activities:
    • Death due to natural causes occurring within three months of the Commencement Date of the Policy. (Natural Causes Exclusion (NCE))
    • Suicide
    • War, insurrection or civil commotion; and
    • Epidemics as deemed and declared by the World Health Organisation standards.
    • A claim for a person who does not qualify for cover under this agreement.
    • A fraudulent or dishonest claim
  4. Policy Commencement Date and Duration
    The EcoSure Funeral Cover is effective as of the Policy Commencement Date and is calculated as follows:
    • If a Customer registers between the 1st day of the month and the 10th day of the month (inclusive), the Policy Commencement date shall be a date in that same month on which the first premium is successfully deducted from Customer’s EcoCash Wallet.
    • If the Customer registers between the 11th day of the month and the end of that month, the Policy Commencement Date will be the 1st day of the following month.
  5. Lapse and Revival of Policy
    • The Policy will lapse on the 10th day after the premium due date there be no premium payment.
    • A lapsed Policy can be re-instated upon payment of the Premium. Where a Policy is reinstated no claim shall be paid for death by Natural causes for each month the policy was lapsed up to a maximum of three months
    • Following the reinstatement of the Policy.