EcoSure Hospital Cash Back Plan is an affordable medical insurance product that can lighten the financial burden with a cash back benefit per each day spent in hospital when one is hospitalised for more than 3 days.


  1. Affordable - EcoSure Hospital Cash Back Plan is an affordable medical cover.
  2. Value - EcoSure Hospital Cash Plan pays you for every day that you spend in hospital starting from the fourth day of continuous hospitalisation.
  3. Convenient - Premiums can be deducted automatically from your mobile phone therefore EcoSure Hospital Cashback plan provides you with a convenient way of paying your monthly premiums from the comfort of your home or office.


Registration is fast and simple! To register you must be registered on EcoCash and have an active EcoSure Funeral Cover policy and then follow the following simple steps:

  1. Dial *900#, enter EcoCash PIN, select Funeral , Individuals then USD/ZiG
  2. Select EcoSure Plus
  3. Select Hospital Cash Plan
  4. Confirm

Once you are registered on EcoSure Hospital Cash Back Plan, a premium is automatically deducted from your EcoCash wallet on a monthly basis to keep the policy active.

Waiting periods

The following waiting periods applies for EcoSure Hospital Cash Back Plan:

Cause for Hospitalisation Waiting Period
Surgery 3 months
Other Conditions 3 months
Accident No Waiting Period
Maternity Not Covered
Pre-Existing Conditions Not Covered


How to claim for Hospital Cash Back Plan

To claims for the benefit, you or your representative, submit the claim at any Econet Shop or email the following documents or sends the claim on our WhatsApp on 0777 222 222:

  • Fully completed claim form
  • Patient card
  • Other Medical records from the hospital
  • Receipts for all cash payments
  • Letter of admission and discharge
  • Copy of ID of claimant

The holder of the cash-plan or the next of kin of the principal can submit a claim if the policy holder passes on after being hospitalized. In addition to afore-mentioned documents, a death certificate, IDs of 2 witnesses and proof of relationship to the deceased.