Econet Life gives schools handwashing basins to fight cholera

14 February 2024

Econet Life, through its Enda Education Cover, is combating the spread of cholera by donating hundreds of handwashing basins to schools nationwide.

Cholera, a water-borne disease, can be prevented by regular handwashing with soap and clean water. This fundamental practice is crucial, particularly after using the toilet and before handling food.

Econet Life chief life & principal officer Mr Godwin Mashiri said amidst the ongoing cholera outbreak, the company recognises the urgent need for preventative action, adding that by deploying the handwashing basins free of charge, Econet Life aimed to significantly reduce the transmission of cholera among students.

“With our ENDA education cover, we are dedicated to securing the future of our children. By distributing these handwashing basins, we are taking a proactive step in safeguarding the health and well-being of our scholars,” he said at a handover ceremony at Glen View 1 Primary School in Harare recently.

Some of the schools that have already received handwashing basins include Kuwadzana 1 High School, Glen View 1, Glen View 2 and Glen View 3 primary schools, Nhedziwa High School, Victoria Junior School in Masvingo, Highfield High 2 School, Budiriro Primary School, Budiriro 1 Secondary School and many others.

According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, over 23 000 cholera cases have been reported since February last year, with 71 confirmed deaths, and a further 454 suspected fatalities in the country’s 10 provinces.

Mr Mashiri said Econet Life had partnered with Hitbay Sanitation Services to distribute the handwashing basins to schools across all provinces of Zimbabwe. The basins are equipped with water and soap solutions that enable proper hand hygiene among students, thereby minimizing the risk of cholera transmission within school premises.

Mr Mashiri reaffirmed Econet Life’s commitment to supporting educational institutions and students nationwide.

“In addition to the deployment of handwashing basins, our Enda Education Cover offers various initiatives such as the Smart School Promotion, providing essential resources like stationery, school fees vouchers, and computers to schools and students,” he added.

The Enda Education Cover, managed by Higher Life Foundation and Econet Life, ensures seamless payment of school fees directly to the school in the event of a parent or guardian’s passing, eliminating any intermediary involvement. Enrolment in the programme is straightforward, with options for individual or group coverage available.

With premiums starting from US$2.50 per month per child, and potential pay-outs of up to US$6 000 until the child completes school, Enda Education Cover provides families with peace of mind and financial security for their children’s education.

Mr Mashiri said parents can join ENDA education cover by simply dialling 900# on any EcoCash registered line, or by completing a form on He added that parents can also join a Group Cover as a school.

Pay-outs start from US$100 per term and cover up to the most expensive Private school in Zimbabwe.