EcoSure launches Pamwepo/Sisonke funeral cover for churches & social groups

25 August 2020

Farai Mudzingwa

EcoSure recently unveiled a new package (EcoSure Pamwepo/Sisonke). As the name suggests the package is targeted at groups. EcoSure’s press material states that the package is “an effort to ensure that churches and other social groups have access to affordable insurance cover.”

Pamwepo/Sisonke package is targeted at social groups “to ease the burden when a fellow group or church member passes on”. Packages star at ZW$50 per person per month with benefits of up to ZW$500,000.

It’s not exactly clear what benefits those paying ZW$50 will get, since EcoSure Lite for individuals also already starts at ZW$50. For that package the insured gets ZW$50 000 cash payment.

EcoSure’s wording regarding the new packages is confusing. It notes that packages start from as low as ZW$50 but then notes that payouts go as high as ZW$500 000. At the time of writing, EcoSure’s website doesn’t note how Pamwepo/Sisonke packages are structured. I’ll assume they are structured similarly to individual packages;




EcoSure Lite



EcoSure Basic



EcoSure Standard



EcoSure Premium



We will get in touch with Econet representatives to get the official position.

So far, EcoSure has partnered with churches listed below (and have plans to add more);

Anglican, Roman Catholic;

Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM);

Zion Christian Church (ZCC);

Salvation Army;

United Family International Church (UFIC);

Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries and;


Unfortunately, EcoSure’s press material doesn’t note what the benefit to individuals joining Pamwepo/Sisonke will be. Fortunately, benefits for the churches are clearer. Proceeds from the first premium collected will be ploughed back into the churches. The reasoning behind that is that this allows churches “to do their projects and also eases the financial burden during the lockdown.”

How to sign up for the new Funeral cover?

Dial *900#;

Enter your EcoCash pin;

Pick option 1 “EcoSure Funeral Cover”;

Pick option 2 “EcoSure Pamwepo”;

Choose currency of choice (US$/ZW$);

Select your church;

Accept terms and conditions;


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