The Perfect Partners for You

19 December 2016

Planning a funeral can be financially draining and emotionally exhausting. That is why EcoSure has partnered with Zimbabwe’s leading funeral service providers (FSPs) to help you through a difficult time. As an EcoSure customer, you can choose to have a funeral service provider as your beneficiary. They will be responsible for all the funeral arrangements and offer an array of services, depending on the EcoSure package you or your loved one is on.

There are a range of providers you can choose from to take care of your funeral arrangements. However, there are lots of factors to consider when picking the perfect one for you and your family. Each provider offers a different set of products and services. These services include coffins and caskets, transfer of the deceased to the funeral home or mortuary facility, embalming, chaplain services, catering, flowers, and more.

EcoSure customers have a growing range of reliable providers to choose from. EcoSure is partnered with leading providers including Doves, Farley Funerals, Riverside Funeral Services, Yamurai Funeral Services and Fidelity Life Assurance or Family Funeral Home, Kings and Queens, Nuffield, Charele Funeral Service, Shingai Funeral Services and Two Mountains Funeral Services.

EcoSure is working with the best providers in the country to provide all EcoSure customers with peace of mind. They are helping lighten the load on you or your loved ones after a death. If you want an established provider to take care of all your funeral arrangements, choose an EcoSure funeral service provider today as your beneficiary.