We've got you covered

20 June 2016

Life is full of surprises, some of which are very challenging, with death leaving a family financially vulnerable. Nothing can replace a person, but money provided at the right time will ensure that your loved ones are protected should the worst happen. EcoSure Funeral Cover is affordable and provides much needed security and peace of mind. People often underestimate the costs of funeral arrangements and do not anticipate the financial strain that it can place on family members, that is why EcoSure Funeral Cover is a necessity.

Families now have access to $2,000 in funeral cover. EcoSure Funeral Cover is a revolutionary affordable service which gives Zimbabweans the option to plan ahead. There are packages designed to suit any budget and premiums range from $0.50 to $5.00 per month and are paid via a mobile phone. Organising a funeral while grieving can be too much for anyone. To help ease the burden EcoSure Funeral Cover takes a holistic approach and covers the cost of funeral service providers, caskets, groceries, transport, tents, and catering services.

Is there someone in particular you would like to cover? You can also choose to cover yourself, immediate family members or extended family members, anyone you hold dear. Choosing a beneficiary is simple and straightforward  and is all done on their mobile phone. Customers can opt to have their beneficiary be an individual or a certified funeral service provider.

To prevent dipping into emergency savings or taking out a loan, EcoSure Funeral Cover claims are processed within 24 hours. While it’s not something most people like to dwell on, the unexpected often occurs. It happens to everyone. As there’s no getting around it, you may as well be prepared. Now, all Zimbabweans have access to an affordable service that will make it easier for friends and family left behind — EcoSure Funeral Cover.