Planning Ahead with EcoSure

20 June 2016

Mobile banking has been widely accepted across the continent and this is spurring similar innovations powered by mobile technology. One ground breaking innovation is the funeral assurance scheme called EcoSure Funeral Cover launched by Econet Wireless, and underwritten by Econet Life. It is making the necessity of funeral cover into a reality for millions, shedding light on the need to plan ahead, and making funeral cover widely available on a mobile phone.

Ideally, one should take out funeral cover as early as possible. It should be treated the same way as saving for a new car or a dream holiday. EcoSure Funeral Cover is designed around the premise that every little bit helps. Even if you start small (from as little as 50 cents a month), you can always increase your premiums bit by bit. It innovatively taps into the power of mobile money and EcoCash by allowing users to conveniently pay their premiums via their mobile phone.

EcoSure Funeral cover provides peace of mind in the present by providing a comprehensive plan for the future. It compassionately tackles an issue that most try not to think about it. It is designed to be a lifelong companion, through the laughter and the tears. It is giving millions a reliable plan for the unexpected by reducing the financial burden a funeral may later present.

EcoSure Funeral Cover is an example of a product that innovatively changes lives,  It is a welcomed addition to the Zimbabwean market, effectively providing a service many need but were unable to afford until now. Taking out a plan is simple, straightforward, and affordable and can be done from a mobile phone by dialling *900#. EcoSure Funeral Cover makes sure a family isn’t left in debt during their life while they save for the future.