Living Longer with Smart Health

20 June 2016

Malaria causes 660 000 deaths each year, 90% of which are in Africa; Two-thirds of an estimated 34 million people living with HIV worldwide live in sub-Saharan Africa; and Tuberculosis (TB) causes 3 deaths a minute, 95% which occur in poor and middle-income countries. These staggering statistics are what make the recent release of a mobile phone health application by Mobilium Global so groundbreaking. 

The app, called the Smart Health application, provides users with accurate baseline information on epidemics, while incorporating a trusted, easy to use mobile web based symptom checker – all free of charge to mobile subscribers in Africa. As of March 2014, Smart Health became available to users in seven countries on the continent, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Senegal.

Smart Health includes additional potentially life-saving information which will encourage safe behavioral practices. Key information is explained simply, enabling users to educate themselves on topics such as how HIV is and, just as importantly, is not transmitted.  A distribution partnership with Samsung Africa, will see the Smart Health app being factory embedded on all new Samsung smartphones and tablet devices distributed in Africa. Through this app, Mobilium Global is harnessing the wide penetration of Android-based smartphones throughout the African continent to change lives.

The app was developed with support from the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and demonstrates the power of technology in tackling some of the most fundamental challenges in our communities. Along with the support of recognized health institutions, Smart Health is receiving endorsements from international celebrities including the Senegalese American hip hop artist, Akon, and the Nigerian musician 2Face Idibia.