How to buy airtime

  • Dial *900# and enter EcoCash PIN

  • Select Buy Airtime

  • Select ZiG or USD

  • Select self or other

  • Enter amount & confirm

EcoSure Airtime FREE Cover Benefit FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EcoSure Airtime Free Cover Product?

A free funeral cover awarded to a customer for airtime purchases done through the *900# USSD platform. If you have an existing policy, this FREE funeral cover is a separate benefit you get when you purchase airtime via *900#

What is the difference with the normal EcoSure policy?

The normal EcoSure funeral policy allows you to pay premiums, add dependents & add ons to your policy & is not linked to airtime purchases. The Free Cover benefit is an additional benefit for anyone who buys airtime on *900# platform.

What is the minimum amount of Airtime one can purchase?
What is the maximum amount of cover one can get?

Maximum benefit of USD$5000 or ZWL equivalent.

Can I add other people on this FREE Cover Benefit policy?

One cannot add a dependant on their free cover policy. To be able to add dependant one has to subscribe on the main EcoSure Funeral Cover product.

What happens to my benefit if I make varying airtime purchases monthly
What is the waiting period?
What is required to make a successful claim
Where do I submit my claim?

Visit your nearest Funeral Service Provider or Econet Shop with the required documents. Alternatively,you can send a whatsapp message to 0777222222 or visit to make a claim

Which currency should I buy my airtime to be able to qualify for Cover?

The product is available on both the USD and ZWL currencies..

What happens to the benefit when one alternates the currency of transactions between the Zimbabwean Dollar and the United States Dollar?

The benefit will be in ZWL converted using the prevailing Interbank Exchange Rate.

How do I contact you if I have other questions?

Toll Free Line 311 and WhatsApp line 777222111