Discover how EcoSure is transforming lives with affordable funeral cover.

Losing a loved one is never easy but planning ahead makes a difference. EcoSure Funeral Cover is providing families all over Zimbabwe with convenient funeral cover via their mobile phone.

EcoSure is making sure everyone receives a dignified burial. It is an affordable funeral policy that provides individuals, families, and burial societies with peace of mind. During your time of mourning you shouldn’t have to worry about expenses and making funeral arrangements - EcoSure makes sure that these are taken care of.

Watch the testimonials below to find out how EcoSure is helping families nationwide!

Why Everyone Needs an EcoSure Policy

Meet Tafadzwa and hear his experience with the EcoSure team.

The Importance of Funeral Cover

Meet Fungai and find out how his cousin's death made him see the importance of funeral cover.

Keeping Your Parents Covered

Meet Zanele and hear how her mother's EcoSure policy helped her family when she passed away.

The Difference $1 Makes

Meet Mr Kwapara and find out how EcoSure helped him when his mother passed away.

EcoSure Is Here for You!

Meet Mr. Lunga and find out how EcoSure helped him survive one of the most traumatic experiences a parent may ever have to deal with, losing a child.

EcoSure's Quick Claims

Meet Mrs Saidi and find out how EcoSure's fast claiming process helped her family pay all their bills after a loved one's funeral.

The Benefits of Plannng Ahead

Meet Eugine and find out how EcoSure Funeral Cover helped her family pay for her mother's funeral.

Burial Societies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Meet a member from a burial society that has 112 members at an EcoSure Mabhodho Zvakare presentation.

Meet a Burial Society Member

Get to know more about burial societies from a current member at an EcoSure Mabhodho Zvakare presentation.

The Benefits of a Burial Society

Listen to a burial society's experience with EcoSure at an EcoSure Mabhodho Zvakare presentation.

Read the written testimonials below to find out how EcoSure is helping families nationwide!
“I joined EcoSure as a Burial Society and registered my aunt. When she passed away, my EcoSure claim helped me pay for groceries and organise transport to her funeral.” Mai Mavis, Teacher
“I sponsor my loved ones on EcoSure to make sure everyone I care about receives a dignified burial.” Innocent, Accountant
“My husband was the breadwinner and when he died, my EcoSure claim really helped me after the funeral. I used it to pay my children's school fees and I built two rooms which I now rent out.” Mai Mahachi, Housewife