Beneficiaries & Dependants

A Beneficiary is the person and/or entity that the Insured nominates to receive the benefits of the Policy in the event of the Insured's death. It can be an individual that you trust, a certified Funeral Service provider or a burial society or club. If you do not choose a Beneficiary the death benefits may be misused when you pass on.

There are three types of Beneficiaries.


This can be any person you trust. Your funeral cover pay out will be given to this person to use as they see fit to prepare for the funeral and any additional expense

How to add a Beneficiary (Individual):
Your chosen individual must have an Econet registered SIM card and be registered for EcoCash.

  1. Dial *900# and enter your EcoCash PIN
  2. Select Add Beneficiary
  3. Select Individual as Beneficiary type
  4. Enter Beneficiary's mobile number
  5. Enter first 3 letters of the (Beneficiary’s) surname
  6. Confirm

Funeral Service Provider

You can choose a Funeral Service Provider as your Beneficiary and they will take care of the funeral preparations. Click here to view more.

What is a dependant?

A Dependant is a person that you have a legal duty to support, such as your spouse, biological children or parents, in-laws and any other extended family members.

How to change a Beneficiary

  1. Dial *900# and enter your EcoCash PIN
  2. Select Thwala Sonke package
  3. Select Add New Dependent
  4. Enter Dependent’s Date of Birth
  5. Input relative of your choice