About EcoSure Plus

An affordable Personal Accident Cover, offering you $10 000 pay out in the event of an accident that may lead to disability or loss of life. Only pay an additional $1 to your EcoSure Funeral Cover premium. Get extra cushioning, have peace of mind and feel secure.

Basic Features

Additional $1 per month premium due on each first day of the month.
The customer has an option of receiving the pay out as follows;

  1. Death :
    Option 1
    • Immediate benefit of $1,000 and $9,000 paid as instalments to the entitled family or beneficiary or
    Option 2
    • $10,000 lump sum immediately after death to the beneficiary.

  2. Disability due to an accident:
    Option 1
    • Immediate accidental benefit of $1,000 and $9,000 as instalments paid in the form of medical subscriptions or fees and the balance in the form of grocery allowance or
    Option 2
    • Lumpsum of $10,000.
Terms and conditions apply
*EcoSure Plus is available to EcoSure Funeral Cover subscribers ONLY.

how to register on ecosure plus

Claim Process

Claims may be submitted at any Econet Service Centers or EcoSure Funeral partners outlets. Claims to be submitted within 48 hours of death to allow reasonable time for processing. Documents required to processing claims are;

Certified copies of Death Certificate, burial order or Order to Bury or Affidavit from the Chief confirming the death of the deceased.
Certified ID copies of Claimant and two witnesses with at least two of them having the same surname as the deceased.
Fully completed EcoSure Death Claim Form.

Upon receipt of the claim, EcoSure will review the authenticity of the documents received and status of the Insured. This process will (amongst other verification processes) include communication with the claimant, witnesses and other family members and witnesses before a claim is approved or rejected.



Terms & Conditions

Note: These terms and conditions can be changed at the Insurers' sole discretion but subject to sixty (60) days’ notice to customers.

Accidental Disability refers to permanent loss of one or both hands or feet, or the complete and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes of the Customer arising from accidental cause(s). Disabilities which arise directly or indirectly as a result of the following are excluded:
  • Strikes, riots and commotion.
  • Aerial sports and air travel (other than as an ordinary passenger in a fully licensed passenger aircraft).
  • Riding or driving in any kind of race or endurance test
  • Pregnancy or childbirth unless disability lasts for more than three months after the termination of the pregnancy in which case the benefit will be payable as if the deferred period commenced at the end of the three month period.
  • Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury whilst sane or insane.
  • Misuse of drugs or alcohol.
  • Pre-existing conditions.
  • Death by natural causes.
Death by Accident means an unforeseeable and unintentional event that occurs after the Commencement Date and which, in an external and visible manner, independently of any other cause, directly results in the death of the Insured.
Death by Natural Causes is one that is primarily attributed to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces such as accident or homicide, but excluding the Exclusions set out in these terms and conditions.
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