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An insurance expert engaged by the Insurer to review any repudiated claim, conflict or dis-pute.


The person and/ or entity that, the Insured, nominates to receive the benefits of the Policy in the event of the Insured’s death.

Principal Beneficiary

The first choice person that, the Insured, nominates to receive the benefits of the Policy in the event of the Insured’s death.

Alternate Beneficiary

The second choice person, the Insured, nominates to receive the benefits of the Policy in the event that the Principal Beneficiary is incapacitated or has died.

Burial Society

A burial society that is approved and registered by the Insurer and which an Insured is a member of. It is specifically provided that the Insured’s Burial Society will assist with burial arrangements and logistics as provided in the Burial Society’s constitution.


A request for a benefit pay out done by a Beneficiary and or his representative or guardian in the event of the death of the Insured.

Commencement Date

The date from which the Cover is deemed effective upon payment of the first Premium by the Insured.


The person and/ or entity nominated by the Policy holder to receive any excess benefits on the Policy in the event of the Policy holder’s death.


The immediate family of the deceased suffering from grief upon the death of a loved one.


Placing of a dead body in an underground chamber - earth burial- interment.

Burial certificate or permit

A legal paper issued by the local government authorizing burial. The permit may authorize earth burial or cremation or removal to a distant point.


A receptacle of wood, metal or plastic into which the dead human body is placed for burial. Sometimes referred to as "coffin" or "burial case".


An area of ground set aside for burial or entombment of the deceased.

Certified Death Certificate

A legalised copy of the original certificate, issued upon request by the local government for the purpose of substantiating various claims by the family of the deceased such as insurance and other death benefits.


A wedge shaped burial case, usually eight- sided.


A promise made under this agreement by the Insurer to pay a specified amount of money under the EcoSure Funeral Cover, in return for a Premium.


The EcoSure Funeral Benefit applicant. Customers must be between the ages of 18 to 70 to qualify to register for a Policy.

Death by Accident

An unforeseeable event that occurs after the Commencement Date and which, in a violent, external and visible manner, independently of any other cause, directly results in the death of the Insured.

Death by Natural Causes

A death that is primarily attributed to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by external forces such as accident or homicide, but excluding the exclu-sions set out in these terms and conditions.


A person who the Insured has a legal duty to support, such as a spouse, minor children or elderly biological parents.

EcoCash Wallet

An electronic wallet held with Econet Wireless (Private) Limited in the name of the Insured, Sponsor, and/ or Beneficiary.

Econet Micro insurance System (EMS)

The system which manages the EcoSure insurance services.

EcoSure Agent

An entity and/or individual registered by the Insurer to assist in submission of Claims.

EcoSure Funeral Cover

A funeral assurance cover that entitles a promised amount determined by the Policy Package to be paid out in the event of the death of the Insured.


Instances where the Insurer will not be obliged to pay out a claim where an Insured dies as a result of the excluded activities

Grace Period

A maximum of ten (10) days from the due date of the Premium within which the Premium should
Be paid and/ or the days of grace as specified under section 60 of the Insurance Act [Chapter 24: 07] as amended from time to time, after which the Policy will automatically lapse.


A person covered under the EcoSure Funeral Cover.


A Society/Club is a small group of people formally organized with the sole purpose of as-sisting each other of their members when they or their family members die.


Premium means the amount (in United States Dollars or any other currency as maybe pre-scribed by the Government of Zimbabwe) that the Insured is required to pay every month or at any other frequency specified under the Policy to maintain the Policy.

Policy Upgrade

When a policyholder chooses to change his/her EcoSure package from a lower package to higher one. E.g. From EcoSure Lite to EcoSure Standard

Policy Downgrade

When a policyholder opts to change his/her package from a higher package to a Lower one. E.g. from EcoSure Premium to EcoSure Basic.

Premium Auto Debit

When monthly premium payments are deducted automatically from a customer’s EcoCash Wallet.

Auto Sponsor Premium payment

The USSD Auto Sponsor Premium option allows one to pay premiums for a number of in-dividuals directly from his/her EcoCash Account.

Bulk sponsored premium payment

This is a payment method used by corporates or individuals who would like to sponsor pre-mium payments for a group of employees or individuals.

USSD Help Menu

The USSD Help Menu provides basic information on crucial things that one has to know about EcoSure.

Self-initiated payment

This is where the policyholder pays for their own policy via the EcoSure USSD menu and the money is deducted from their EcoCash wallet.

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