Make sure you are covered for the worst and register yourself on EcoSure Funeral Cover directly from your mobile phone. Get funeral insurance today.

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Thwala Sonke

Cover your whole clan!
Dial *900#

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Sponsored Payments

Lighten the load for your friends and family and sponsor their EcoSure premium payments with EcoSure Sponsored Payments.

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Burial Societies

Prepare for the worst with your friends, relatives, church members or workmates as an EcoSure Burial Society.

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We have a rich mix of Funeral Service providers who ensure your dignified burial. Choose one funeral service provider as your beneficiary and enjoy peace of mind. Claims are paid within 24hours!

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IndividualRegister for affordable funeral cover.
Thwala SonkeCover your whole clan!
Sponsored PaymentsHelp out and pay a loved one's premiums.
Burial SocietiesGet covered with a group of people you trust.
ClaimsA mix of providers who ensure your dignified burial

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Find out how EcoSure Funeral Cover has helped bring peace of mind and comfort to Zimbabweans. Read or watch the testimonials below.

“My mother was on EcoSure and when she passed away I submitted the EcoSure claim forms and my claim was paid out the next day!” Mildred Teller
“My dad was on EcoSure and when he passed away we received $2,000 which helped our family pay for the funeral.” Tinoda Student
“I joined EcoSure as a Burial Society and registered my aunt. When she passed away, my EcoSure claim helped me pay for groceries and organise transport to her funeral.” Mai Mavis Teacher
“I sponsor my loved ones on EcoSure to make sure everyone I care about receives a dignified burial.” Innocent Accountant
“My husband was the breadwinner and when he died, my EcoSure claim really helped me after the funeral. I used it to pay my children's school fees and I built two rooms which I now rent out.” Mai Mahachi Housewife

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please note that terms & conditions apply for all claims. We encourage subscribers to read and understand the full terms.